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Who we are

Guava is a group of pals who love technology and startups. We combine our years of industry experience to design software solutions that are built for the future.

Through custom built web and mobile projects created for seamless user experiences, our software products solve problems and save time for businesses. Web3 projects are our specialty including dApps, DAOs, smart contracts and token engineering. We love working with early stage startups to bring ideas to life!

Selected client work


Underground NFT arcade car racing game built on blockchain and developed in Unreal Engine 5.


A unique digital metaverse focused on creativity, collaboration, and social interaction.


Links volunteer pilots and commercial airlines with people in need of transportation to access medical care.

“They [guava team] are extremely informative... Definitely going to be my go to.”

Justin Bottillier

“The team is extremely knowledgeable - it's obvious they live and breathe Web3. If you have any, ANY, ideas that might need some Web3 tech, they are the ones to talk to. Thank you so much for the time and wisdom!”

Rick Plautz
Motion Designer

Core team

  • Aaron McGrean


  • Sarah Benson


  • Mars


  • Sally

    Chief Canine Officer

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